Transportation and
School Closing Information

Helen Miner

Transportation Supervisor

Robert Hill

Head Mechanic



School closing or early dismissal due to bad weather or other emergencies is announced by our School Messenger system. Please keep your email address and phone number(s) up-to-date. Families and employees may also turn to the following local radio and TV stations:

WCKM 98.5
WBKE 100.3
WQAR 101.3
WENU 101.7
WFFG 107.1
Channel 6 TV
Channel 9 TV
Channel 10 TV
Channel 13 TV

Parents are encouraged to develop a plan for their children in the event a parent is not able to be home at the time of early dismissal. If special child arrangements are necessary, the parents should inform the child and notify the school. If school has a delayed start due to inclement weather, etc. no breakfast will be served.


Bus Drivers:
Victor Bates
Joey Denton
Ken Denton
Laura Donohue
Rebecca Gamble
Brenda Lewis
James Manngard
Lisa Packer
Mike Turano

Substitute Drivers:
Beverly Cooper
Julie Harvey
Bernie Hill
Patrick McGowan

School Day

Pre-K: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

K - 6: 7:55 am - 2:45 pm

7 - 12: 7:55 am - 2:47 pm

Students may ride with one stop destination in the morning and one stop destination in the afternoon. You must pick one stop for the AM pick up and one stop for the PM drop off.


State Education Law sets April 1st as the deadline for written applications from parents who wish their children to be transported to non-public schools outside the district.† New applications are required each year.† State law also states that public schools must transport pupils to non-public schools no farther than 15 miles from the studentís home.† Families who move into the district after the April 1st †deadline may file requests within 30 days of their move into the district.† Requests may be filed and questions directed to the Superintendent.


Students who drive to school must register with the Security Monitor. Permits will be issued when registration is completed. Students must park in the designated parking lot and the vehicle must display the parking tag. Students will not remove vehicles from the school parking area until the end of the day unless permissions granted from the high school office.

Students must obey all traffic laws and be respectful of requests from faculty and staff to insure the safety of all persons.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in immediate suspension of the student's permit. Parking and driving privileges will be denied.