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Caleb Martin,
7 - 12 CSE Chairperson
Ext. 702

Erika McGourty,
K - 6 CSE Chairperson
Ext. 704

Susan Kearing,
CPSE Chairperson
Ext. 751

Holley Bedell,
CSE Chairperson
Ext. 766

Jill Primeau,
504 Coordinator
Ext. 152

Margaret Hill,
Contact for Info
Ext. 762

Special Education

Melissa Myers

Josh Gifford

Jessica Bartlett

Jennifer Farmer

Cynthia Meddaugh

Jessica Graves

Academic Intervention

Karen McDermott

Deanne Peters

Nicole Rushlow

Jennifer Lawson

Nicole Eddy

Heidi Blanchard












Kira Studler, Speech

Andrea Winchip, Speech

Jill Primeau, Occupational Therapist

Rob Gautreau, Physical Therapist






This committee, established under State Law governing education for students with a disability, ages five to twenty-one, oversees the evaluation and assignment of students to special education services. The committee acts on referrals from parents or school personnel. If your child is referred to the committee, you will be asked to give written permission for an evaluation and you will be invited to attend all meetings for the committee at which your child's classification, placement and program are reviewed. If parents disagree with the committee, parents have a right to appeal. Call 494-3015, ext. 762 for questions regarding Special Education and the Committee on Special Education.


The Committee on Preschool Special Education arranges for evaluations for three and four year old children whose parents and/or physician suspect of having a disability. Call 494-3015, ext. 762 for questions regarding the Committee on Special Education.


North Warren Central School follows the New York State Education Department recommended guidelines for providing test accommodations. For more information please visit NYSED Test Access and Accommodations.


RTi-Response to Intervention

This is the first step in a long process of giving support to a child who is struggle in varying ways with in school. This plan has three levels. Level one being the least intensive to level three being very intensive. All of the levels require documentation from the adults working with the student to provide whatever service is deemed appropriate to support student growth. The overall goal is always to make sure that all instructional, emotional, home-school, doctors concerns, attention and attendance have been reviewed carefully before decided to make more drastic recommendations for additional services and testing.
Under the RTi model there are many types of interventions but the one used most often if an academic concern is:

AIS-Academic Intervention Services (Remedial Support)

This service is given when a student has not been successful with classroom interventions and support at level one. It is a level two services and can be provided to a child for Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies based on state and local assessments as well as by teacher recommendation.