North Warren Yearbook

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Yearbook Co-Advisors:
Shawnee Ross
Ext. 306


ReplayIt is home for every photo of the school year. A place to share photos with the Yearbook Staff, view photos of friends and events. A place to see the school year as it happens!

Parents: Tell your students how proud you are with a Yearbook Recognition Ad. Share favorite childhood photos, stories and more with a personal message that will be printed in the yearbook and treasured forever.

Business Ads for Business Owners: Advertise your business and create awareness for your company, as well as support for your local school.

Order your yearbook on-line! There is nothing else like your school yearbook.

You may also choose to personalize your yearbook cover with your name, special phrase or nickname.

You can also choose to add a color autograph section with 8 multicolored, smear resistant, non-bleed pens.




You must follow these guidelines or your portrait will not be accepted:

tiff or jpeg files 2 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inch 300 dpi or greater burned onto a CD or a flash drive or emailed.


Must be a least a 4" x 6" or larger or be digital.

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